Success in the maritime industry is a result of sustainable preparation

Developing vessels, their machines and equipment demands reliable and sustainable choices. Avoiding unexpected maintenance especially in tailored solutions becomes all the more important, when the vessels sail distant routes in tough conditions.

Successfully selecting the right materials and testing new innovations with an expert helps you advance in sustainable development and electrification of maritime transport. We operate according to your standards, helping you innovate new technologies and maintain existing equipment sustainably throughout its life cycle.

hehkuvan kuuman raaka-aineen leikkaamista tuotantotiloissa

Life cycle services for maritime equipment manufacturers

Avoiding unexpected maintenance helps reduce operational interruptions and expensive special arrangements. We understand the importance of durability and early recognition of maintenance needs in maritime equipment that is in continuous use. We are your trusted life cycle service partner from planning to maintenance and decommissioning.

henkilö työstää elektronista komponenttia tarkasti suurennuslasin alla

Maritime equipment planning and prototyping

The demanding conditions in seafaring require meticulous planning of equipment usability and serviceability. We will make sure that the product structures and material choices are designed to endure tremors, moisture and corrosion. We also develop solutions in augmented and virtual realities.

elektronisia komponentteja varastotiloissa

Supply chain management for maritime equipment and components

Developing reliable equipment and innovating electric maritime transport requires close cooperation throughout the supply chain. We are open in communicating so we can respond to the challenges in quickly evolving manufacturing processes. We will help you in the green transition and actively look for energy saving solutions for the whole equipment life cycle.

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Partner for maritime equipment contract manufacturing

We manufacture components and spare parts that endure corrosion and harsh conditions, and apply to standards in the maritime industry. We are your flexible partner also for quick deliveries and small batches. Our modern production machinery helps keep your solutions at the forefront of your industry’s development.

Lamor and Bevenic: market-leading oil spill response for extreme sea conditions

Lamor is the global market leader for oil spill response and environmental solutions. The company manufactures solutions for oil spill response at sea, on land, in the Arctic region and deserts. Lamor’s pioneering reel drum is an important unit in the offshore skimmers used for oil recovery. We work closely in manufacturing and development of the drum – read the case story!

Your partner in continuous and responsible development

Partnerships to us mean continuous mutual development towards a more sustainable future. We will help you switch to lower-carbon production and start and develop production in your home country. We are keen to develop the use of recycled materials, and we feel right at home also in augmented and virtual realities.

henkilö tutkii elektroniikan komponenttia mikroskoopin alla

Innovative and responsible partner throughout the life cycle – Bevenic

Developing sustainable technology from recycled raw materials or repurposed components cannot translate to impaired quality. We will ensure the quality of your products and production in constant change, and help you achieve a smaller carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle. We are not startled by more scientific cooperation either.

Focus on innovations and growth – leave the rest to us

By utilising our expertise and resources, you can focus on innovations that support the green transition and grow your business sustainably all around the globe. Get in touch with our experts!