Life cycle services to support your product strategy – from concept to the next product generation

You know the strengths and possibilities of your product – we’ll help benefit from them throughout the product life cycle. Our expertise helps you succeed quicker whether you hope to decrease your costs, increase your market share or anything in between.

Our specialists from multiple disciplines will address even the most demanding certification requirements in your industry. We will help you productionise anything from new innovations to well-known products, moving from concepts to product development, prototypes to zero series, production to deliveries and maintenance – all the way to the next product generation.

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Product planning and management towards better competitiveness

Our team is full of enthusiastic and insightful developers, who listen closely to your product development needs towards better competitiveness. Building on our expertise from multiple industries, we’ll help put your ideas quickly into practice.

With us, your end-user needs will be met whether you need to work on prototyping, life cycle extension, maintenance experience betterment, improved recyclability or other technological advancement.

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Productionisation and material availability for the best delivery reliability

Focus on growing and developing your core expertise – let us review your production process and help make your supply chain more streamlined and efficient. Our productionisation expertise helps ensure your quality, pricing, delivery reliability and success throughout the product life cycle.

Contract manufacturing for your industry’s special requirements

The delivery reliability of our contract manufacturing services makes your operations easy to forecast, allowing you to optimise your capital utilisation and costs. Our modern production technology ensures your customer needs and quality requirements are met, and our fast deliveries result in agile cooperation.

Life cycle management for existing and end-of-life products

We will support you in life cycle management of existing products and their end-of-life phase. For example, our ability to manufacture even smaller batches of tailored parts allows you to offer maintenance services to your customers for older machines and product families.

When it’s time to retire existing products from the market, we will help plan transitions to the next product versions and handle the end-of-life material management, so your capital will not be tied up in warehousing.

The tiniest observations can turn into huge successes – this is how we cooperate

When both parties:

  • constantly improve their know-how
  • advance the development of their industry
  • share constructive observations and even impossible ideas to each other,

partnerships are home to unbeatable innovations and technological advancements.

  1. Get to know you and map the possibilities for cooperation.

  2. Set targets and agree on a partnership model, guided by your strategy and vision.

    Meet regularly to carry out joint projects, share views and develop our cooperation.

  3. Help improve your competitive advantage and exceed your customers’ expectations.

  4. Refine our plans to continue mutual growth.

Your responsible partner throughout your product life cycle

A carbon footprint is not minimized in a day – it requires long commitment and concrete actions day after day, month after month. Sustainability is part of our everyday life. We are committed to being your responsible partner throughout your product life cycle.

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Experts of tailored solutions – Bevenic

Our dedication to support you through growth spurts helps fulfil your vision and strategy at all times. Sharing your future plans with us improves our readiness to invest in production technology and know-how that give wings to our mutual growth.