Supply chain management towards better delivery reliability and smaller carbon footprint

Our supply chain management helps save time and money: for example the right warehousing, handling and procurement methods trim out excess ancillary costs and surprises in price development. This helps you e.g. in forecasting and production planning.

We play like champions in a multi-supplier field, and are experts in communicating and coordinating different situations. Our extensive partner network guarantees materials and services for your products reliably and effortlessly.

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Frequent communication helps keep your promises in the supply chain

We keep up frequent information exchange about challenges and developments, commit to common goals and help you control the risk between supply chain members. Our support is especially valuable, when you are challenged with large warehousing expenses or outdated products.

We make sure your delivery time and quality promises are kept to your customers – if there’s any risk of breaking them, we will communicate the risks before anything happens. We find and negotiate options also in challenging availability situations.

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Solution model that ensures the flow of supply chain management

In cooperation with your suppliers and you, we continuously gather more insight on how to improve the fluency and scalability of your supply chain. By taking responsibility for material management, we will carry significant risks for you.

We work in a customer-centric way to make sure you get ready-made products for your processes’ needs as cost effectively as possible, in the promised delivery times and prices.

The tiniest observations can turn into huge successes – this is how we cooperate

When both parties:

  • constantly improve their know-how
  • advance the development of their industry
  • share constructive observations and even impossible ideas to each other,

partnerships are home to unbeatable innovations and technological advancements.

  1. Get to know you and map the possibilities for cooperation.

  2. Set targets and agree on a partnership model, guided by your strategy and vision.

    Meet regularly to carry out joint projects, share views and develop our cooperation.

  3. Help improve your competitive advantage and exceed your customers’ expectations.

  4. Refine our plans to continue mutual growth.

Your responsible partner in supply chain management

Responsibility is important to us: if we can shorten the supply chain or avoid excess freight costs and emissions without compromising on your overall productivity, we will do it. The bigger the volume, the more important it is for us to strive for more responsible actions.

It’s important to us that you can show your customers how responsible your supply chain is. That’s why our operations are completely traceable and we keep up an open and honest information exchange with you.

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Experts of productionisation at your service – Bevenic

The better we know your production process, the better we can support you: transparency helps us reserve necessary resources for you in terms of materials, workforce as well as transportation.

We will manage the whole delivery process as extensively as you let us. We openly share our insights, observations and improvement suggestions for your benefit.