Electric transportation

The challenges of transport electrification rise from productionising and testing new technology, and scaling production successfully in an evolving market. Producing technology for electric mobility with more sustainable manufacturing processes and materials cannot mean compromising on high quality and safety.

Component manufacturing and assembly in e-mobility require extensive expertise and skills from product and manufacturing planning, as well as supply chain and quality management. We are an innovative partner for electric mobility equipment manufacturers, who want to succeed in their production and product development while minimising their business risks.


To stay at the forefront of technology development, your innovativeness must be guided by the green transition and circular economy. Among others, recycled raw materials and energy-saving solutions should be integral parts of your daily operation.

Successful innovations demand expertise ranging from product planning, components and finalised products, production buffers, maintenance services and spare parts, to other services throughout the product life cycle. We are keen to partner with technology companies that strive to be pioneers of a sustainable future.


For medical equipment to be safe and easy to use, and for diagnostic test results to be accurate, equipment planning and manufacturing require care and precision. The development of invasive diagnostics equipment demands ingenuity, so the equipment can be manufactured as competitively and in as small sizes as possible.

Successful development requires understanding the behaviour of different materials both in medical device logistics and their use. As your partner, we help you innovate medical devices for different conditions according to the ISO 13485 certificate, and reduce the risks in all product life cycle stages through accurately coordinated processes.


Developing vessels, their machines and equipment demands reliable and sustainable choices. Avoiding unexpected maintenance especially in tailored solutions becomes all the more important, when the vessels sail distant routes in tough conditions.

Successfully selecting the right materials and testing new innovations with an expert helps you advance in sustainable development and electrification of maritime transport. We operate according to your standards, helping you innovate new technologies and maintain existing equipment sustainably throughout its life cycle.


In the defence industry, equipment has to be easy to use by professional soldiers as well as conscripts. In product development, material choices and structures are selected and designed to endure harsh conditions, be unnoticeable and swift to start using even after long periods of storage and disuse.

Experts in product development, project management and supply chains understand the importance of long-term commitment, and servicing previous generations of defence equipment alongside new innovations. We are your long-term partner attending to your needs in all equipment life cycle stages.

Material handling

A proper material handling technology responds to the specific needs of different materials, whether they are related to explosion resistance or transportation methods, and makes handling safe and everyday work easy for its users. The durability of technology in active use demands that each component is designed and manufactured with high quality.

We are your partner in responsible technology development of e.g. dischargers, stackers and silos. We will help you innovate the utilisation of new technologies and benefit from energy saving manufacturing materials and processes.