Innovative material handling creates more sustainable businesses

A proper material handling technology responds to the specific needs of different materials, whether they are related to explosion resistance or transportation methods, and makes handling safe and everyday work easy for its users. The durability of technology in active use demands that each component is designed and manufactured with high quality.

We are your partner in responsible technology development of e.g. dischargers, stackers and silos. We will help you innovate the utilisation of new technologies and benefit from energy saving manufacturing materials and processes.

hehkuvan kuuman raaka-aineen leikkaamista tuotantotiloissa

Life cycle services for material handling technology companies

In material handling, each operational interruption can cause significant losses to the business. That is why reliability and quick maintainability are important to address throughout the technology life cycle. We will help you plan for everyday usability and responsible decommissioning all the way from product planning.

henkilö työstää elektronista komponenttia tarkasti suurennuslasin alla

Planning and prototyping for material handling equipment

Planning and prototyping equipment for different bulk materials requires expertise in suitable material selections and durable structures. Our expertise in different materials and surface treatments helps in planning components and equipment even for the most demanding operations and explosive environments.

elektronisia komponentteja varastotiloissa

Supply chain management for material handling experts

In material handling, supply chains have to constantly be more sustainable and transparent. We will take care of supply chain management for you so that you can concentrate on product development for the green transition. Our transparent and open ways of working ensure you can at any time verify your operational responsibility to your customers.

elektronisia komponentteja tasolla

Contract manufacturing for material handling equipment and components

The result of reliable component manufacturing and assembly is a technology that can be used constantly, while requiring only planned maintenance. We will help you switch to more energy efficient manufacturing with our modern machinery, and will flexibly respond to even quick and small production requirements.

Eurosilo and Bevenic: the durability of material discharge equipment is key for reliability

Eurosilo is a globally leading solution provider in large scale storage facilities for non-free flowing bulk solids. The large industrial players demand reliability from their storage solutions, and reliability is a result of both planning and component quality. We cooperate in durable material discharge equipment components. Read the customer story!

Eurosilon siilojen kokoluokka on valtava - kuva siilojen juurelta

Your partner in long-term responsible cooperation

Partnerships to us mean continuous mutual development towards a more sustainable future. We will help you switch to lower-carbon production and start and develop production in your home country. We are keen to develop the use of recycled materials, and we feel right at home also in augmented and virtual realities.

henkilö tutkii elektroniikan komponenttia mikroskoopin alla

Innovative and responsible partner throughout the life cycle – Bevenic

Developing sustainable technology from recycled raw materials or repurposed components cannot translate to impaired quality. We will maintain the quality of your products and production in constant change, and help you achieve a smaller carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle. We are not startled by more scientific cooperation either.

Focus on innovations and growth – leave the rest to us

By utilising our expertise and resources, you can focus on innovations that support the green transition and grow your business sustainably all around the globe. Get in touch with our experts!