Accurate manufacturing processes guarantee the quality of medical equipment

For medical equipment to be safe and easy to use, and for diagnostic test results to be accurate, equipment planning and manufacturing require care and precision. The development of invasive diagnostics equipment demands ingenuity, so the equipment can be manufactured as competitively and in as small sizes as possible.

Successful development requires understanding the behaviour of different materials both in medical device logistics and their use. As your partner, we help you innovate medical devices for different conditions according to the ISO 13485 certificate, and reduce the risks in all product life cycle stages through accurately coordinated processes.

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Life cycle services for medical device manufacturers

Our understanding of medical equipment and their end-use conditions grows deeper every day. With our expertise in manufacturing different diagnostics equipment, fixing recurring defects, as well as servicing and testing the devices, we will produce high quality and trusted life cycle services to your equipment.

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Planning and prototyping medical equipment

A durable medical device withstands the conditions of both equipment transport and diagnostics use. We will help you succeed in miniaturising diagnostics equipment and in other product development projects, making sure the use of equipment is reliable and the devices can withstand tremors, temperature shocks and regular disinfection.

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Supply chain management for medical devices and components

Reliable, high-quality medical devices are results of a well-managed supply chain. We will ensure that the required standards and regulations are complied with throughout the chain. Our tight-knit cooperation ensures we can respond to your needs flexibly and quickly, and help you succeed in the intensifying global competition.

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Contract manufacturing of medical equipment and components

We are your partner in component and sub-assembly contract manufacturing and final product assembly according to the ISO 13485 standard. We will comply with your finishing treatment requirements, or provide you with treatment-ready components. When requested, we will apply for the CE marking for you.

Medikro and Bevenic: lung disease diagnostics starts with high-quality components

Medikro’s spirometers are used in millions of tests each year. Their successful manufacturing demands meeting strict quality requirements and complying with several standards, as well as expertise in module assembly. We are a flexible partner in product planning and contract manufacturing all the way from component procurement to module packaging. Read the customer story!

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Your partner in precise and responsible manufacturing

Partnerships to us mean continuous mutual development towards a more sustainable future. In addition to high quality and precision, our operations are guided by the principles of traceability and responsibility. We are transparent in our processes, so that you can verify your operational sustainability to your customers.

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Innovative and responsible partner throughout the life cycle – Bevenic

Developing sustainable technology from recycled raw materials or repurposed components cannot translate to impaired quality. We will maintain the quality of your products and production in constant change, and help you achieve a smaller carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle. We are not startled by more scientific cooperation either.

Focus on innovations and growth – leave the rest to us

By utilising our expertise and resources, you can focus on innovations that support the green transition and grow your business sustainably all around the globe. Get in touch with our experts!