Developing electric transportation is a job for sustainable innovators

The challenges of transport electrification rise from productionising and testing new technology, and scaling production successfully in an evolving market. Producing technology for electric mobility with more sustainable manufacturing processes and materials cannot mean compromising on high quality and safety.

Component manufacturing and assembly in e-mobility require extensive expertise and skills from product and manufacturing planning, as well as supply chain and quality management. We are an innovative partner for electric mobility equipment manufacturers, who want to succeed in their production and product development while minimising their business risks.

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Life cycle services for electric transport equipment manufacturing

In a fast-changing market where competition is tough, successful decision-making requires good situational awareness. We commit to your success by creating mutual forecasts and growth goals, which we achieve with operational transparency and open idea exchange.

By flexibly scaling manufacturing and life cycle service production, we allow you to focus on your core competences. Our turnkey solutions cover everything from product planning to final assembly. You can also outsource only prototype manufacturing, testing or supply chain management to our experts.

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Planning and prototyping critical components for electric mobility

Planning and prototyping critical components for electric transportation means continuous innovation towards better energy efficiency, faster charge times and longer use life. Our solutions evolve with changing customer needs. We launch products to market quicker through scalable production and continuous development.

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Supply chain management for components and assemblies

In the early stages of product development, order quantities are small and unit prices disproportionately high. By utilising our purchasing power and expertise in supply chain management, you will save in material costs compared to sourcing on your own. We also help minimise supply chain disruptions and avoid unexpected challenges in production.

elektronisia komponentteja tasolla

Contract manufacturing for electric transport components

As your contract manufacturing partner, we will make sure your product is manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards – also from recycled raw materials and repurposed components.

Because of our scalable operation, we can increase production quickly and offer extra resources according to your needs. Our operational efficiency and optimised processes maximise cost-efficiency in production.

Your partner in sustainable mobility electrification

In developing electric transport, we must all strive to minimise the use of natural resources and energy. Our operations are fully traceable and transparent, so you can verify the sustainability of your supply chain and the origin of your materials at any point.

Our partnerships are based on continuous discussion to build mutual success and growth. We are eager to develop the use of recycled materials, and we feel right at home also in augmented and virtual realities.

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Innovative and responsible partner throughout the life cycle – Bevenic

Cooperation with us helps you reduce the risks involved in manufacturing equipment for electric transport. We take responsibility for the manufacturing process and ensure all regulations, quality standards and safety principles are met. We are active in networking with global players, so we can best respond to your end customers’ needs in all corners of the world.

Focus on innovations and growth – leave the rest to us

By utilising our expertise and resources, you can focus on innovations that support the green transition and grow your business sustainably all around the globe. Get in touch with our experts!