Reliable partnerships are vital in the defence industry

In the defence industry, equipment has to be easy to use by professional soldiers as well as conscripts. In product development, material choices and structures are selected and designed to endure harsh conditions, be unnoticeable and swift to start using even after long periods of storage and disuse.

Experts in product development, project management and supply chains understand the importance of long-term commitment, and servicing previous generations of defense equipment alongside new innovations. We are your long-term partner attending to your needs in all equipment life cycle stages.

hehkuvan kuuman raaka-aineen leikkaamista tuotantotiloissa

Life cycle services for defence equipment manufacturers and system providers

Long service life for defence equipment requires long-term support from partners: maintenance and spare parts need to be available for as long as the technology is in use. As partners, we respond to even the smaller and quicker equipment needs. We cooperate with you step by step in changing over to new technologies.

henkilö työstää elektronista komponenttia tarkasti suurennuslasin alla

Planning and prototyping for defence technology and components

Durable defence technology requires successful material and surface treatment choices, and a sturdy construction. Corrosion, tremors, G-forces and temperature shocks are risks to usability, if they are not taken into consideration already in the product planning phase.

We listen to your needs and actively support your product development and prototyping projects also for potentially explosive environments. We help plan and test solutions that attend to the needs of diverse users and changing environments in a cost effective way.

elektronisia komponentteja varastotiloissa

Supply chain management for defence equipment manufacturers and system providers

We are an attentive partner that makes supply chain management fluent both in smaller and larger projects. Our reliable subcontractor network assists you in your material and spare part orders quickly and reliably. Together we will find solutions that comply with international standards cost efficiently in all equipment life cycle stages.

elektronisia komponentteja tasolla

Contract manufacturing for defence industry components and equipment

As contract manufacturing partners, we are innovative product developers and believers in continuous development and open cooperation. We respond to your tolerance requirements in different materials, help reduce carbon footprint in manufacturing and minimise the risk of delivery time fluctuations. We will also apply for military equipment approval for you.

Nortech and Bevenic: marine pedestals for machine guns and ballistic shields for the Spanish Navy

Nortech supplies Nordic defence industry products e.g. for the Spanish Ministry of Defence and companies in the industry. Each product is tailored to suit its application and location. We are an attentive partner for the marine pedestals of machine guns and ballistic shields, in the planning and manufacturing of which we closely cooperate. Read the whole customer story!

Nortech asejalusta laivassa

Your partner in long-term responsible cooperation

Partnerships to us mean continuous mutual development towards a more sustainable future. We will help you switch to lower-carbon production and start and develop production in your home country. We are keen to develop the use of recycled materials, and we feel right at home also in augmented and virtual realities.

henkilö tutkii elektroniikan komponenttia mikroskoopin alla

Innovative and responsible partner throughout the life cycle – Bevenic

Developing sustainable technology from recycled raw materials or repurposed components cannot translate to impaired quality. We will maintain the quality of your products and production in constant change, and help you achieve a smaller carbon footprint throughout the product life cycle. We are not startled by more scientific cooperation either.

Focus on innovations and growth – leave the rest to us

By utilising our expertise and resources, you can focus on innovations that support the green transition and grow your business sustainably all around the globe. Get in touch with our experts!