Manufacturing for demanding applications

Tempered collaboration with Glaston

Glaston relies on Bevenic Heatterm’s resistors for its glass-processing machines

The Glaston segment of Glaston Oyj, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass-processing machines, designs and produces machines and processing lines for the flat tempering, bending and lamination of glass. A feature that all these processes have in common is the need to heat a glass sheet to a precise temperature in closely controlled conditions. To function cost-efficiently and in an optimal manner, Glaston’s furnaces require Bevenic Heatterm’s resistors designed for demanding applications.

Bevenic Heatterm’s spiral resistors are used to heat a glass-processing furnace to a required temperature. While the temperature of the glass being processed is usually 650°C, the oven itself may be even hotter, at 680 or even 700°C.

Smart glass in high demand

Glaston’s plant in Tampere has nearly five decades of experience of making glass-processing machines under its belt. The company is a global supplier of glass-processing machines and it has long been a strong operator in the EMEA region. Over the next few years, Glaston expects demand for glass to increase by 3–5% a year. For smart glass, this growth is likely to be up to 12–15%. Heatterm is one of Glaston’s main contract manufacturers for resistors and among its 30 largest suppliers.