Quality parts for ventilation systems

High-quality indoor air from ship cabins to galleys – Halton Marine

Strict quality requirements set for Bevenic Elektropoint’s cables

Halton Marine Oy manufactures ventilation systems and energy-saving galley hoods for the world’s largest cruise ships and oil rigs, where an extremely high level of reliability is required from ventilation systems. This also sets strict quality requirements for cables and wire harnesses supplied by Bevenic Elektropoint.

Halton Marine’s collaboration with Bevenic Elektropoint kicked off in 2012. The collaboration has enabled Halton Marine to focus on its core expertise.

”We appreciate the flexibility, smooth collaboration, rapid deliveries, reliability and top-notch quality offered by Bevenic Elektropoint”

Merja Kauto, Purchasing Manager, Halton Marine Oy

Special solutions for ship cabins and kitchens

Halton Marine offers a wide range of indoor climate solutions for challenging applications, from professional kitchens and ship cabins to power production facilities. The company’s customers include the world’s largest dockyards.

Professional kitchens constitute challenging environments with regard to temperature and humidity and impurities generated by cooking activities. On cruise ships, additional emphasis must be placed on reliability, fire safety and hygiene.

Halton’s energy-efficient ventilation solutions for ship kitchens can halve the amount of energy consumed by the kitchen, compared with conventional systems. For ship cabins, Halton Marine offers a wide range of ventilation solutions, the latest of which is a chille beam system for cooling, heating and ventilation. The smart system utilises the heat transfer properties of water.

Complete with connectors and ready to use

Bevenic Elektropoint manufactures ready-to-use power wire harnesses for Halton Marine’s innovative ventilation systems and galley hoods. They come ready-to-use with connectors designed by Halton Marine or the end client. The finished wire harnesses are quick and easy to install.

The company has the capacity to deliver wire harnesses required for assembly to the worksite within a couple of hours. This is pivotal because schedules are tight and close collaboration is required for finding the best solutions rapidly. Collaboration is also carried out in the field of product development. ‘Bevenic Elektropoint knows our specific needs and can propose new solutions to any challenges,’ explains Kauto.