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Tackling oil spills at sea – Lamor

Market leader in oil spill response

Lamor Corporation Ab is a global market leader in oil response and environmental solutions. Over the course of its 35-year history, the company has supplied oil spill prevention equipment to 120 countries and delivered more than 2,200 vessel-mounted systems. Its patented and certified solutions ensure reliable and effective oil spill response operations in all environments at sea, on land, in the Arctic region and in deserts. Today, with operations in 104 countries, the company supplies oil spill response equipment to meet about 40% of global demand.

‘You can succeed in this market by offering a broad product range. Over the years, we have realised that no two years are the same. Some years we sell a high number of booms and other years it may be special products, such as skimmers, or vessels that are in demand,’ says Lamor Ltd’s Project Manager Mathias Lindroos, summing up the market situation.

End clients for Lamor’s systems and solutions include oil companies, businesses providing services for oil companies, and fire and rescue services.

In Finland, the company also works with the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE and in the future, it will work with the Finnish Border Guard, which has taken over the responsibility for domestic oil response operations.


”Bevenic Combinent is our trusted device manufacturer. It supplies all steel structures for the reels and other critical components, such as swivelling fluid couplings”

Mathias Lindroos, Project Manager at Lamor

Bevenic Combinent’s steel structures enable oil spill prevention in extreme conditions

Lamor’s system consists of a telescopic arm and reel drum on a 20 ft skid. The unit is fitted with an umbilical hose that includes hydraulic hoses and an oil transfer hose needed to operate an offshore skimmer for oil recovery. Lamor has worked with Bevenic Combinent’s designers and project managers to develop the reel system.

With regard to collaboration with Bevenic Combinent, one deciding factor was Bevenic Combinent’s geographical proximity. The reel manufacturing plant’s location in Porvoo enables Lamor’s designers and project personnel to visit the facility to monitor progress.

‘Any problems are easy to solve when the required experts can get to the plant quickly,’ explains Lindroos. According to him, another central factor in the choice of partner was Bevenic Combinent’s excellent project management operations and high level of expertise.