Component durability is key for reliability

Material processing on a large scale – Eurosilo

ESI Eurosilo is a globally leading solution provider in large scale storage facilities for non-free flowing bulk solids as coal, petroleum coke, FDG gypsum, fertilisers, starch and salt. The company’s history goes back to the 1960s when it developed an innovative storage silo for potato starch, which has served as a foundation for a large number of efficient Eurosilo solutions for main industrial operators.

Over the past four decades, Eurosilo has delivered more than 150 storage units across the world.

In the Eurosilo systems, the material is fed from the top into a chute through which it is guided to a screw conveyor, which distributes the material to even, horizontal layers. Depending on the material being stored, different methods are used to discharge. For example via a central column.

”Our success depends on the design of our systems and the quality of the components supplied by our subcontractors. This enables us to deliver reliable storage solutions to our customers”

Richard Spaargaren, Sales Director, ESI Eurosilo

Eurosilon siilojen kokoluokka on valtava - kuva siilojen juurelta

Silos with a volume of 100,000 cubic metres

Earlier in the year the company signed an agreement on the delivery of its first next-generation coal silos to the Hunutlu coal power plant in Turkey. The three 100,000 m3 silos to be built on the site will have a total infeed capacity of 2,500 tonnes per hour.

The silos will measure 55 metres in diameter and 50 metres in height. According to Richard Spaargaren, Eurosilo’s Sales Director, the deal marks a notable milestone for the company on the road to ever-increasing storage capacities. The main stages of the project will take place in 2020.

The silo will house various drives incl. screw reclaimers, to which power is transferred via a slip ring unit designed and manufactured by Bevenic Oy. This system also conveys control and measurement information of the silo system. The slip ring unit has a through bore with a diameter of more than a metre, through which the stored coal is discharged to be transferred further.

‘The slip ring unit supplied by Bevenic is a critical part of the silo’s material reclaim system. If it stops working, the entire system comes to a standstill. Because of this, we wanted a partner that can deliver high-quality, robust systems,’ explains Spaargaren.