Bevenic Group ostaa fotoniikkavalmistaja Oplatek Groupin - kuvituskuva

Bevenic Group Oy acquires Oplatek Group Oy

Bevenic Group Oy seeks to expand in line with its strategy by inorganic as well as organic means. To this end, the company signed an agreement on 26 September 2022 to acquire the shares of Oplatek Group Oy, a manufacturer of photonics solutions.

The acquisition complements and expands Bevenic Group’s service offering to its existing customers and creates opportunities for new customer relationships. The businesses will benefit from synergies in manufacturing processes and customer relationship management. The merger will make the company a unique player in the market and enable it to reach the position of “value-added partner” in its customer relationships more quickly. Bevenic Group is an innovative group of companies that works as a strategic partner to its customers, developing, preparing and providing services that the customer needs throughout the life cycle of each product. Oplatek Group Oy is the leading Finnish solution provider in the field of photonics, with almost 40 years of experience. The company designs and manufactures demanding optic, fibre-optic and optomechanical products for industrial applications. Oplatek also offers its customers a diverse range of services, from product development to testing, production and quality management.

“Oplatek Group will support and expand Bevenic Group’s offering. Oplatek is a recognised and leading manufacturer and service provider in the field of photonics. As a well-managed and organised company, Oplatek will fit right in with the other units in Bevenic Group,” says Jukka Rautiainen, the CEO of Bevenic Group, describing the new partnership.

“I believe that this acquisition will further strengthen our position in the market, which we have been building up for almost 40 years. Bevenic Group will be a good home for Oplatek,” says Jori Waissi, the Chair of Oplatek Group’s Board of Directors and owner of the company since 1993.

“We are happy to become part of Bevenic Group. The merger will expand Oplatek Group’s contact surface to new customer relationships and provide opportunities to offer a diverse range of services to existing customers. We look forward to working together, and we believe that we will fit in seamlessly with the new group,” says Jyrki Huttunen, the CEO of Oplatek Group.