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Market leader in spirometer manufacturing in Finland.

More than three million spirometer tests are performed with Medikro Oy’s devices each year. Because spirometers are medical devices, they must meet strict quality requirements and comply with several standards pertaining to safety, precision and usability. This sets high requirements for the quality of spirometer modules produced by the contract
manufacturer Elektropoint.

‘As a contract manufacturer, Elektropoint procures the required components, places them on a circuit board, performs the necessary checks, programs and adjusts the devices and packages them as ready modules for us’

Olli Pohjolainen, Medikro’s R&D Director
Jami Tirkkonen, Medikros’s Production Manager

According to Pohjolainen, Medikro appreciates its contract manufacturer having expertise in the assembly of modules, in addition to the high quality of the products.

Many manufacturers focus solely on the assembly of circuit boards. ‘We also require flexibility from the production processes because sometimes we need extra modules on a tight schedule. Competitive pricing is important too,’ says Pohjolainen, summing up the criteria for collaboration. The company’s partnership with Elektropoint goes back to the early 2000s. In addition to standard module manufacturing, Elektropoint produces prototypes and trial production series for Medikro. Spirometers designed and manufactured by Medikro are used to diagnose and monitor pulmonary diseases. They offer healthcare professionals an efficient and cost-effective method for measuring lung function. Spirometers consist of the actual measuring device and computer software.