Bevenic Group is a strong multi-industry group of companies creating effective solutions for its industrial clients in various industrial sectors.

Bevenic Group consists of Bevenic Group Oy, Bevenic Elektropoint Oy, Bevenic Combinent Oy Ab, Bevenic Avatron Oy and Bevenic Oplatek Oy. The Group is owned by private investors and a highly responsible investment company, industrial group of companies from Finland, Canelco Capital Oy.

Bevenic will serve your company with expertise, anticipating your future needs. A personal approach and flexibility ensure the most cost-effective solutions for your company. Group turnover is about 28 million euros and the number of employees is 160. We have activity in six locations in Finland: Loviisa, Porvoo, Helsinki, Lahti, Kuopio and Leppävirta.


We are an approachable, reliable partner of the customer. We work openly together with our partners, taking into account their special needs and wishes. We make our partners’ everyday lives easier


We take responsibility for both people and the environment and always act ethically and fairly. We always demand the best of ourselves in everything we do.


The continuous bold development and renewal of our operations and expertise together with our partners are key factors for success together.

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Jukka Rautiainen

Chief Executive Officer

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Bevenic Group is a multi-industry group of companies creating effective solution for its industrial client in various industrial sectors. The companies in the Bevenic Group provide customer-specific products and services with flexible deliveries.