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Avatron’s experience and expertise play a huge role in the production of Metso Outotec’s online analysers

Mining companies the world over rely on accurate and reliable analysers for measuring elemental
concentrations to control the operations of their mineral processing plants. Metso Outotec’s Courier 5X and 6X analysers are in use on all continents in mineral processing and the further processing of metals. For decades, Courier analysers have been made by Avatron as a contract manufacturer.

“We’ve been extremely happy with the expertise of Avatron’s staff. For example, in the manufacture of measuring flumes there are certain steps where Avatron’s expertise and experience has come in handy”

Olli Inkiläinen, Metso Outotec’s Product Development Manager for Analysers and Automation.

‘Mineral processing cannot be controlled without measurements. Typically, a measurement carried out at a laboratory takes about half an hour, including sampling, and often the result is only available the following day. Online Courier analysers speed up this process significantly,’ explains Veli-Matti Järvinen, Vice-President for Automation and Digital Solutions at Metso Outotec. With Metso Outotec’s analysers, the analysis result is ready within a few minutes. A single analyser can be used for taking samples from up to 24 sample streams. The machine is available in two models with different analysis precisions, and both model ranges offer versions for mineral processing and further processing of metals. ‘While these analysers do not constitute a huge investment, they play an important role in ensuring profitable operations through continuous monitoring and analysis of the process,’ explains Järvinen.

Pioneering enterprise
The first devices used for analysing mines’ ore reserves with X-ray fluorescence methods were developed by Outokumpu in Finland 50 years ago. The goal was to utilise Finland’s poor mineral resources as efficiently as possible. Techniques based on online measurement made it easier to control and monitor mineral processing operations.

Since 2006, Metso Outotec has been responsible for the manufacture of the analysers. It procures most of the production from subcontractors. Its Courier analysers are made by Avatron, which is a contract manufacturer of devices used in electronics and automation industries. The company is part of Bevenic Group.

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